10 thoughts on “Post 29: Africa, Part II

  1. Nick, I know you are home but I love going back thru and reading all your posts, each time I chuckle more or pick up something I may have missed the first go. I marvel each time at your incredible writing, amazing drawings and planning shared thru your art work, and photos. This is one of my favorites posts with the reminder to take risks and hold onto the fact that life begins at the end of your comfort zone but mostly not to forget life is too short to take yourself seriously. Another masterpiece Nick!! Can’t wait to see you! P.S. we just got your beautiful postcard today from the Sweden museum and the story of the incompetent ship builder that sunk his ship 20 minutes into his maiden voyage. Uncle Brian and I loved it and love and miss you, Let’s catch up soon! Bahamas bound for us in March….plenty of room to jump on board ❤️. Love you Nick. Glad you are home safe. Xxxxooo

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